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Journalist and editor specialized in tech, science, health, entrepreneurs, startups, and small biz; freelancing since 2010 after 15-year career creating and editing biz magazines. Follow @adajane

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As Consumers Access Health Data, A New Market Emerges - Forbes

As Consumers Access Health Data, A New Market Emerg...

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Dorsey Tells Entrepreneurs: Meet Customers Where They Are

Jack Dorsey at Techonomy Detroit (photo by Asa Math...

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Next Step To A Techonomic Detroit? The Wrecking Ball

From left, Edward Luce, Dan Gilbert, and Bruce J. K...

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How The Maker Movement Is Reinventing Retail

Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson at Techonomy Detroit (photo...

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$97,500 for an Online Degree? 2U Is Worth It, Say Students - Forbes

2U CEO Chip Paucek Still think college degrees earned online are universally cheaper and less esteemed in the job market than traditional ones? In the case of graduate degrees offered by universities collaborating with a company called 2U, you’d be dead wrong. Karla Pasos paid $34,000 tuition—the same as her on-campus counterparts—to [...]


$123 Million Crowdfunding Market Nearly Quadrupled in a Year ...

“Crowdfunding has gone from a $32 million market to a $123 million market in the past two years,” according to a research report released today by the industry publication The Daily Crowdsource. The company evaluated the performance of eight reward-based crowdfunding platforms (where a donor receives a reward of value in exchange [...]

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A Matchmaking Service to Unite Scientists and Citizen Volunteers ... When an earthquake shook the mid-Atlantic states this summer, the US Geological Survey got help gauging the accuracy of its seismographic equipment from users who Tweeted details about their location and the impact they felt. University of Waterloo researchers have also relied on Science for Citizens for help calibrating [...]


An Animation to Help You Imagine Your Genomic Future

Faster, cheaper genome sequencing, we are told, is leading us quickly to a day when we will all be able to make health choices based on knowledge of our complete DNA sequence. If you’re having a hard ...


A Social Network that Engages Patients in Medical Research - Forbes

Scientific American reports how the Collaborative Chronic Care Network, or C3N, a portal developed by an MIT graduate student, is engaging teenage Crohn's disease patients in


A Techonomic Revolution is Brewing in Scientific Publishing - Forbes

Two weeks ago, we pointed you to reports that Dutch scientific publisher Elsevier had helped induce two U.S. Representatives to introduce legislation in Congress that would shut down open access to taxpayer-funded scientific research. Now, in protest, more than 3,400 scientists have signed on to a boycott of the company, which [...]


Biggest Disruptive Tools to Come for Life Sciences...From Google ...

It's been nearly 15 years since the most visionary boss I ever worked for, a radio-DJ-turned-publishing-entrepreneur named Dennis Waters, foresaw the circumstances that reporter Andrew Pollack describes in today's New York Times: the pace of DNA sequencing has outstripped Moore's law and "data handling is the bottleneck" for the life sciences industry. Waters' first B2B [...]


Budget Cuts and Boosts for Science and Tech in White House ...

For a few good takes on what yesterday's budget proposal from President Obama calls for in various areas of science and technology spending in 2013, see an evaluation by six reporters at Nature, an agency-by-agency summary by the Associated Press, and Mashable's analysis, which declares the budget

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Citizen Science Takes Off: Could Community Labs Hatch the Next ...

Get ready for "citizen science" to transform bioscience. In mid-October, 28-year-old Eri Gentry opened BioCurious, a nonprofit public-use biology laboratory in Sunnyvale, Calif., with 2,400 square feet of “hacker space for biotech.” Similar community labs are sprouting up elsewhere, too. Do-it-yourself biologists are setting up shop in garages, basements, and [...]

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Crowdfunding for Couch Potatoes: Mobcaster Wants to Democratize ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Kickstarter and other sites let ordinary people help fund projects in all sorts of fields, from science to art to independent movies. Now crowdfunding is set to transform television programming, too. Mobcaster TV is an online platform that matches unfunded television writers and directors with a passionate group [...]


Crowdfunding Set to Explode with Passage of Entrepreneur Access ...

Nearly $100 million in seed money was pledged last year to startups and creative projects through the crowdfunding platform one of many websites now dedicated to matching projects with people who have some means and desire to support them. What Kickstarter donors got in return were things like "thank [...]